Using Laser Hair Removal Instead Of Waxing And Shaving

Both men and women complain about the hair in unwanted places. A majority of them spend a great amount of money to remove the hair from different parts of their bodies. Many traditional methods of removing hair from the body have proved to be time-consuming and hectic. Shaving and waxing are known to be painful as well.

Laser hair removal treatment is the new cosmetic treatment which has become increasingly popular in the past years. This treatment works good for the body as it is performed by actual plastic surgeons and reduce these excessive hair from the body permanently with the minimum risk encountered. If you are not happy using the traditional methods like shaving and waxing, then laser hair removal treatment is one option worth opting for.

Laser hair removal treatment makes the unwanted hair disappear in no time. But at the same time, a little caution is to be advised too. This treatment can burn the skin if done by the wrong hands. Before opting for this treatment, one should really know about the pros and cons of the whole procedure, otherwise, it can damage the skin and leave scars permanently.

Just like other treatments i.e cosmetic injections Ballarat, treatment focusses on penetrating deep down the root of each hair. But instead of a liquid, it injects light which further damages the follicle. That damaged follicle wouldn’t be able to produce more hair. People who have dark hair are the best patients as they get the maximum benefit from this procedure. One time treatment won’t be able to provide much benefits. Multiple sessions will be required to achieve the target.

The skin wouldn’t be affected much by the treatment as it will cool down. The surgeon will also apply cream to the skin to let it cool down. It’s not like the cosmetic fillers which are used to minimize the wrinkles and put the skin at risk. The whole treatment requires 15 minutes to an hour depending upon the number of areas which are being targeted by the laser.

There are certain pre-cautions that should be calculated before planning for the hair treatment. Patient should avoid other hair removal methods like waxing and plucking for a couple of weeks. As the laser is going to target the roots of hair, those roots could initially be damaged by plucking. Sunlight exposure can also slow down the laser hair removal process so it should be avoided at all costs.

The surgeon operating the procedure will provide the patient with the appropriate eye protection to avoid contact of the laser with eyes. The technician will be wearing it too. Avoiding laser penetrating the skin will be the top priority of the technician. A special gel will be applied in this case. The technician can take a couple of minutes before going towards the climax as every skin requires different setting to avoid further bad reactions.